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CASTRO, my first Dog. Dad just came back from work with her in his arms. She was adorable and had real puppy eyes; she was loved by all.

I never new this canine would be my worst nightmare. She always chased me aroun the house like I was her breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was always on my toes because that bitch was sneaky. I hated her so much I would think up plans of killing her.

Anyway, this day came in the neighborhood, I was little and skinny, so I was being bullied by this bigger kid, I Got slapped around and was about letting out a river flow from my eyes when I saw her. She raced down towards me. OMG castro not today! I tried alerting Big Ben but he was busy having the fun of his life with my face.

Catro leaped, I closed my eyes, this was it, I was going to be mauled by the monster dad brought home, I thought of heaveb for a bit, I died, I’ll finally be free from Big Ben.

I was shocked, Big Ben was screaming his ass off! Could this be real? Big ben on the floor with castro taking a bite off his ass! This had to be a mistake, it was suppose to be my ass castro! I called on her and she left Big Ben at once and stood beside me, I felt so cool, at last I had a savior.

Dogs are really cool, they are man’s best friend and they’ve proven their loyalty over and over again.

If you’ve got an alsatian, a rot-weiler, a mastiff, bulldog, chihuahua or just your plain everyday local dog, feed her well, treat and love her good, she just might save you one day.

Castro got hit by a bus when I was 12. She was my friend, my savior.



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