You’ll Never Walk Alone

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Ataturk Olympic stadium, Istanbul, Turkey. 25th may, 2005. It was a clear and goodnight for football. Liverpool FC was taking on AC Milan in the final of the champions league.

A game which could have affected the outcome of my life, as I was supposed to be revising for my exam when this game was being played, luckily am extremely clever so it didn’t matter in the end.
AC Milan were regarded as favorites before the match and took the lead within the first minute through Captain Paolo Maldini. Milan striker Hernan Crespo added two more goals before half-time to make it 3-0.

This was it, I just wasted 45 minutes of my life watching liverpool lose, when I could have been revising. Then they came out for the second half and launched a comeback. It was amazing, I couldn’t believe it. My dad was screaming, he couldn’t even chase me to go read my books. We sat together on the couch, he had his Heineken and I had my can coke.

Captain AWESOME “Steven Gerrard led the comeback, he scored a goal and team spirit was lifted, my dad was grinning from ear to ear, when captain Awesome scored. Then he turned to me and said “son, I don’t think they can do it though” before he could end his statement, Vladimir Smicer had added the second goal, 3-2, GAME ON!!!!

Now AC Milan were scared could this be happening? Three minutes later, that question was answered. The Spaniard, Xavi Alonso had squared things up. It was 3-3. My dad leaped so high. We couldn’t believe it. Liverpool had scored 3goals within six minutes. They went on to win the penalty shootout, winning the trophy. The fans held up a banner at the end that read “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

Most times in our daily lives, we give up easily. We throw-in the towel. We say “its over” without even trying. We don’t think we can make it after trying for sometime.

When things go sour, when we fail an exam, when we cant get that dream job, when we fall so ill, when we are betrayed, when our partner drifts away, when our parents don’t seem to understand us, turn to the story of the greatest comeback, they went in at half-time and came out with great spirits, I bet they said a prayer, and God heard.

Say a prayer, believe in your prayer, trust GOD, and You’ll Never Walk Alone.



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