My Captor

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Hello, this is a story about how I stole love.

I know it sounds funny but come to think of it, cant love be stolen? Just like how every other physical thing can be stolen, I still feel abstracts too can be stolen.

24th June, 2011, lol don’t mind me, I’m never that good with dates, but I’m pretty sure it was one of those Friday nights the boy’s and I go out to the bar just to get drunk and dance with a complete stranger, get boners that won’t be satisfied.

Oh but this night was different, Ifeanyi had a girl, and I didn’t. Anyway, we ordered for a cold bottle of beer and sipped. That’s when I saw her, she was so elegant, hot fitting pants that outlined her sexy curved legs. She moved her hips like it was nothing. The whole bar went quiet as I watched her mesmerize me. I felt drawn to her. I was in a spell. A spell I wish would never break that night, and as I looked, my legs moved, to be frank I had no control of them; they carried me across the floor where the witch that cast this spell was.

When I reached my captor, I placed one hand around her waist and moved to the beat, letting her lead. It was pure pleasure. Then it happened, she turned around and placed that bum on my groin and started to work her magic. She swayed and blackhammer responded. I was in distress but I needed no saving. I was ready to be a prisoner. ‘Odokra please let me cut in!’ His voice came from behind me. As a gentleman that I was, I left. Allowed him dance with my captor while I sat back and watched them.

The night was almost over when my friend took her by her hands and screamed to the guys that it was time for us to go home. I was dazed. “could my captor have another captive”? I kept asking myself. I doubted till we got to the lodge and I watched her walk into his room and he shut the gate and gave me a wink. That wink broke my heart. He was going to be sliding into her that night. I stayed up most of the night fantasizing about who I just met.

I know this doesn’t say much about the girl I just met. But if you hang on a little bit more, I’m pretty sure you’d get to know how awesome she was I was willing to risk everything to be her only captor.


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